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We started our activity as a Recognized Supporters Club in Japan in the 2002-2003 season as Japanese Arsenal Supporters Club (JASC) and changed our name to Arsenal Japan when we became an Official Supporters Club in the 2004-2005 season.

We arrange match tickets (Home and Away) and offer various services via our website exclusively to our members. Unfortunately, our website is in Japanese and although we would like to welcome you to join us wherever you are from as long as you are a resident in Japan, you need to be able to understand Japanese.
(If anyone is happy to help us to translate our website, please contact us!)

The most common enquiry we receive from abroad is...
“Where can I watch Arsenal game while I am in Japan?’

There are bars and pubs that show live matches in most big cities, but you MUST visit Highbury in Tokyo and The Highbury in Kyoto if you are in Japan:


1F, 1-17-5 Shinjyuku​, Shinjyu-ku​, Tokyo​

119 Ishiya-cho​, Nakagyo-ku​, Kyoto​


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